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O, Happy Day!!!

O, Happy Day!!!

The African Diaspora Festival Choir

The Waltham Forest Windrush 75 Anniversary 

Saturday 24 June 2023

Developed with support from Develop Your Creative Practice 


Commissioned by 

The Waltham Forest Windrush 75 Anniversary commemorated a historic milestone and honoured the legacy of our forebears. On this momentous occasion, we paid tribute to the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the HMT Empire Windrush to London, which marked the beginning of a new chapter in the modern history of the British African-Caribbean community.


To celebrate this occasion, we were proud to present "O, Happy Day!!!", a musical tribute conceived by Broadway and Choral Conductor & Arranger, Chapman Roberts. As the Principal Conductor of The African Diaspora Festival Choir, Chapman brought together an exceptional ensemble of singers from all diverse backgrounds.


Guided by Chapman's unparalleled talent and skill, this remarkable group of performers took us on a journey of inspiration and celebration. This unforgettable production commemorates the contributions of African-Caribbean servicemen and women to WW1 and WW2, honours the pioneers of post-war Britain, and celebrates the rich heritage of their descendants who continue to shape our society today.


As we remembered the past and honoured the present, O, Happy Day!!! inspired and uplifted with the power of music and the enduring legacy of our forebears, as we celebrated this historic occasion and the richness of our shared heritage

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