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Jankonu Mas

Mask & Rhythm

Known as Jonkonnu, Jamette, John Bull, Sensay and other names long lost to history, this 400 year old folklore is at the genesis of African-Caribbean Carnival and the dawn of new, unique identities and cultural expressions which first emerge across the African Atlantic Diaspora in the mid 1600s

Taking inspiration from the masks of Jamaica’s Jonkonnu and the Lapo Kabwit rhythms of Dominica, Jankonu Mas explores the joyful defiance of generations of African-Caribbean people and the hundreds of diverse styles of masquerade that emerged from the Caribbean plantations during the two hundred years before emancipation. 

Jankonu Mas is for Masqueraders of all nations, backgrounds and experiences, to make masks, and music and play mas in Carnivals and festivals

The links below will take you to articles that give more background information on the traditions and practices of Jonkonnu and Myal in Jamaica. 

Jonkonnu, National Library of Jamaica

Myal, Wikipedia


The videos show:

a) Jonkonnu dance

b) Lapo Kabwit band 

c) Kumina dance 

a) Jonkanoo Dance (Jamaica)

b) Lapo Kabwit Band (Dominica)

c) Kumina Dance(Jamaica)

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