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Voices to The World

  • Go to Hear Me Out Music

  • Select a soundtrack from the playlist

  • Create your art work with the track 

  • Share, inspire and empower your audience

  • Amplify voices hidden in immigration detention


All work is created under Creative Commons and published on Hear Me Out platforms. Selected work will be promoted to human rights networks and arts and cultural festivals.

Each year around 24,000 people are indefinitely detained for up to five years in UK Immigration Detention Centres.  No one knows how long they will be in immigration detention or where they will go when they are released.  People held in these centres have not been found guilty

of a crime and more than half are are readmitted to UK,

i.e. they weren’t deported.

The Hear Me Out music player is filled with years of songs made by people held in Britain's immigrantion removal centres. Voices to the World invites Creative Practitioners of all and every discipline to take inspiration from these songs to create works of art that help to amplify their voices.


Hear Me Out takes music-making into UK immigration detention centres to release the words, music and life stories of people held inside. While they wait to find out if they will be deported from the UK. Held in a prison-like place, music has the power to free their minds and make their voices heard.


Guided by talented Lead Artists, HMO workshops use a combination of drumming, percussion, singing, songwriting and dance, inspired by cultures and musicians from across the world.


Voices to the World artworks have been made by:


Mouth That Roars (MTR), a youth media organisation that produces films made by young people, who are often misrepresented, encouraging them to challenge mainstream opinions highlighting their own perspectives.  



Song of Freedom:


Generation Uncovered: Live, featuring:


Mamajay Juliet at Radiate Windrush Festival, 2019

Ras Chris at GUAVA Unbound, Tile Yard Studios, 2020

Goodhead, at Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Windrush Festival, 2021




Supported by Youth Music, a collaboration between HMO Lead Artists and Generation Uncovered, developed at Rising Tide Studios and presented at Kickstart Job Fest, National Youth Theatre, 2021

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