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The Windrush Song of the Year


For Windrush 75

With the African Diaspora Festival Choir 

The African Diaspora Festival Choir

The Waltham Forest Windrush Festival

Fellowship Square

Forest Road

London E17 4JF

Enjoy and Sing-a-Long with the O, Happy Day!! Playlist

Developed with support from Develop Your Creative Practice 


Commissioned by 

We're thrilled to announce a brand new search and annual award for an original contemporary African-Caribbean Folk song that's sure to uplift and inspire. This special song will honour the arrival of the Windrush, pay tribute to the brave African-Caribbean servicemen and women who served in the World Wars, celebrate the pioneers who paved the way in post-war Britain, and recognise the contributions of their descendants who continue to shape the society we enjoy today.


Introducing the Windrush Song of the Year, a nationwide search for the most powerful and moving original composition in the styles of African-Caribbean Folk music, including Benna, Calypso, Chante Mas, Kaiso, Kwelby and Mento. Inspired by the African custom of the Griots Tale and the Caribbean-wide tradition of Carnival and Festival songs, this award promises to showcase the very best of our culture and heritage.


So, if you're a talented musician with a love for African-Caribbean Folk music, we invite you to submit your original composition and be part of the nation’s annual observance of this historic event. Join us in celebrating our roots, history, and culture with the Windrush Song of the Year.

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