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The Show Crib

The Crib helps children and young people overcome complex challenges, empowering them to aim for their highest potential, become active members of their communities and be agents of positive social change. 


Over 20 years, 1,000 children and young people have directly benefited from the Crib’s holistic interventions. Each year 1,500 young people actively participate in the Crib’s grass roots community engagement and outreach activities, and audiences of 4,000 attend the Crib’s performances and events.


Janette Collins, the charity’s Founder and CEO carries an MBE for her dedication to young people. She leads a small, agile and innovative team that comfortably punches above its weight to make great opportunities available for young people. They are active members of local and regional voluntary and community networks, and collaborate with central and local government, National Health Services, Metropolitan Police, schools and alternative education and housing providers 


The Crib’s work is accredited by London Youth and is validated by Project Oracle. They are active members of the Voluntary Youth & Community Sector. They are supported by and work in partnership with central and local government, Metropolitan Police, schools and alternative education, housing associations, corporate social responsibility programmes, and private trusts & foundations.

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