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In the enchanting gardens of Thailand, it's a common sight to see exquisite orchids thriving on the trunks of resilient trees. And just like these stunning flowers, Lerchor embodies this beautiful concept through their music.

From the deep-rooted Lanna culture, Lerchor draws their inspiration to create a harmonious blend of songs, sounds, and visuals. Tita and Ting-Tong's vibrant costumes reflect the artistic heritage of Northern Thailand, much like the captivating colours and shapes of orchids. They are crafted with intricate designs and techniques by the hill tribes, just as Lerchor intricately weaves their interpretation of the "Sanook" (meaning "fun") rhythms of Thai music, accompanied by silky vocals that tell ancient and modern tales.

As proud advocates of the "Luk Thung" style of Thai folk music, Lerchor has earned numerous accolades, including the prestigious Golden Ganesha Award. For over two decades, they have been creating music together, building on the traditions passed down through their families since childhood. In the days before electricity reached their villages, they entertained themselves and their communities with music every evening.


Tita and Ting-Tong, childhood friends and descendants of the Mueang tribe, share an unbreakable bond that is often mistaken for sisterhood. Lerchor boasts a vast musical catalogue with songs from various countries such as Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan, showcasing their pan Thai and pan ASEAN influences.

Experience the vibrant colours and sounds of Lerchor and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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