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An informal association of young and emerging composers, vocalists, musicians, performers, producers, promoters, technicians and digital media makers. They are immersed in their creative practice and are pursuing careers in the creative and cultural industries.


Generation Uncovered encourages collaboration and partnership, providing space for creation, rehearsal, events, production and professional development.


Desire Paths: New Music Promoters, is a career development programme that employs five, London based Creative Practitioners on six month contracts to develop, produce and present new touring music show, Ladies of the 80’s.


The programme is run by the Show Crib youth charity as part of the Generation Uncovered Career Development Programme. New Music Promoters is funded by the Youth Music Incubator Fund and the Department of Work & Pensions Kickstart Scheme, and is supported by the Anthill, Clock Your Skills, Academy of Contemporary Music and Neko Trust

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