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London’s music is Black. It is rooted in Africa, seasoned in the Caribbean and served in the Black British experience. We’re composers, songwriters, musicians, producers, technicians, digital artists and managers. We are diverse, of nation, age, gender and culture. We love music and thrive as an arts collective. Lockdown encourages us to explore and innovate how we engage, collaborate and create. It re-focusses the traditional destinations for performance into an unbound digital arena of new and wider territories.


Guava, our delicious, exotic, tropical summer programme, unlocks a bag full of creative ingenuity, with an online festival of short films by the Generation Uncovered Associates, showing what they do, where their inspiration comes from, and sharing some top tips too.

Guava’s Peer Mentoring programme, gives one-to-one support, helping young emerging creatives to move further along their journey to work in the Creative Industries. We want to encourage more people to engage with and participate in the art form and we’re here to amplify the phenomenal contribution to humanity that is Black music.

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