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Wiphala Pride

Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial Resistance

2 - 9 August 2020

A week of action calling for all to stand in solidarity with the 528 years of historical struggles of indigenous peoples in Bolivia (Abya Yala) and across the world.  we are doing this through a series of events during that week with an opening gathering on London’s Tower Bridge bankside and closing event in Geneva, close to the UN headquarters. 

The Wiphala flag represents millions of indigenous people across South America and the world.


In November 2019 the Wiphala flag was de-recognised by Jeanine Anez led, far-right interim government, and in recent months, Bolivia has experienced a surge in state sanctioned discrimination and racist attacks on indigenous people, leading Amnesty International to call for respect to human rights.

Over 30 cultural and social Bolivian groups, from across Europe and the Americas, have joined forces to form Wiphalas Across the World as an international response to the racist, facist political coup in Bolivia.

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